Comments: In Case You Missed Them

After seeing how many interesting comments have been posted in the past few weeks, we thought it would be useful to recap these every so often and make sure the useful info gets doesn’t get lost.

First off, as Steve Wasserman pointed out, he will be “assigning books for review” at Truthdig and only occasionally contributing a review of his own.

(I’m personally very excited for this to get underway. If you know Steve at all, you know he has great taste. And good reviews of good books are incredibly valuable in this day and age.)

I have to apologize to Sara from NYRB and promise to only refer to her as “spicey” from now on.

We already pointed this out, but translator Michael Roloff had a strong—and in my opinion, justified—response to the New York Times review of Handke’s latest.

Dan Visel brought it to our attention that Google Books has an older translation of Bruges-la-Morte available in its entirety.

Thankfully, everyone except Kassia Krozser and Drew Carey fans seemed to be troubled by the recent report about Americans not reading. (There’s a lot that could still be said about this study. Like, even as a liberal reading 80+ books a year, I think it’s stupid to make this into a liberal vs. conservative thing. Almost as stupid as 24 is going to be this season with or without Janeane Garofalo and storylines about global warming.)

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