Hey Look, Borders Has a Website

Now that the arrangement with Amazon.com is over, Borders is reestablishing their web presence.

Haven’t explored enough to make any strong statements, but in general, I like the “Magic Shelf” (pictures are cool!) and dislike how cluttered this all looks.

From what I’ve read, it sounds like Borders big push is to integrate the “clicks” versatility (having more reviews, BordersMedia, ability to order used books) with the “bricks” part of the business (this site will be better integrated into kiosks at the stores, ability to check inventory online). Which isn’t anything revolutionary, but it will be interesting to see if Borders can successfully capture some new customers from B&N/Amazon.

Right now, I can’t say that I would use this website over any other. I do generally buy books at the Borders in Rochester (we have a lack of indie bookstores here and the huge B&N has a pretty weak fiction section) and will probably use this site to check inventory, but I’m not sure how the other bells and whistles will impact my book buying experience.

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