Contemporary Romanian Writers

My friend Bogdan from Polirom pointed me to this excellent new site, Contemporary Romanian Writers. They sum it up nicely:

www.romanianwriters.ro is now online. It offers publishers from all over the world English-language presentations of the contemporary Romanian writers published by Polirom and Cartea Românească, including detailed information (biographies, book presentations, excerpts from books, reviews published in the press).

In continual development and periodically updated, the site will highlight works by more than eighty contemporary Romanian writers.

If you’re curious about Romanian writing, this is a fabulous resource. And it’s good to see more and more countries/publishers take on these kinds of projects. They’re unbelievably helpful for people like us, especially, and anyone else who wants to expand their knowledge about what’s going on in literature.

If I were you, I’d start with Dan Sociu.

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