Vick Prize for the Bulgarian Novel of the Year

As reported at Literary Saloon, Evgenia Ivanova’s Photo Stoyanovich won this year’s prize.

In case you’re not familiar with the Vick Prize it started in 2004 with the goal of promoting the best Bulgarian book of the year:

The prize is a monetary award of BGN 10,000 and the option of a translation of the work into English.

(As Michael Orthofer points out, none of the past winners have been published in the States . . . maybe one day . . .)

There is information in English on the six shortlisted titles. No excerpts, but hopefully the winning title—described as “an educated attempt to think of the past as necessary to form existential foundations of the present; at the same time, she uses the post-modern techniques of the game and the mystification, an interplay between you and the others, reality and fiction.” [Ed. Note: ???]—will be fully translated and make the rounds of U.S. publishers.

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