The new issue of CONTEXT Magazine is now available online. (And I assume in print. For some reason, we don’t get copies in Rochester, but this is usually available at bookstores like St. Mark’s.)

Almost all of the readings, interviews, etc., are about recent Dalkey titles, such as the interesting excerpt from Annie van den Oever’s Life Itself: Louis Paul Boon as Innovator of the Novel, a recent scholarly series title, and Monica Carter’s interview with Amanda Michalopoulou Michalopoulou, the author of I’d Like (which is on the Best Translated Book fiction longlist).

In addition to these pieces, there’s a long review by Gonçalo M. Tavares of the yet untranslated À Sombra da Memória (In the Shadow of Memory) by Eugénio de Andrade, a Letter from Serbia, and an insanely long conversation between John O’Brien and Jeremy Davies.

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