The Future of Calque

The rumor’s been floating out there for the past few months that the recent issue of Calque is also the final issue. As Steve and Brandon write on the Calque website this is “both true and not strictly accurate.”

It’s true that the current format of the magazine is going to end, but Calque will live on:

1.All of the critical functions of our journal, the book reviews, essays, interviews, and whatever else, will be moved to our website, which will continue to host stories and poems, etc. The website will therefore function more or less as a blog. This development is sure to please Adam Sorkin, who’s always called it a blog. Hi, Adam!

2.Starting this summer, we will commence publication of chapbooks, with trade paperbacks to follow not long after. We figure on doing one of each the first year, then ramping that up to the point where we’ll be doing five or six chapbooks and one or two trade books every year.

For a longer explanation, and more info about their future plans, be sure to check out the complete post.

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