THE GOLDEN CALF galley available online (for now . . .)

Continuing our proud tradition (does two times equal a tradition?) of posting galley’s online so that anyone and everyone who’s interested may get a preview, you can now view the ARC of The Golden Calf by Ilf & Petrov.

This new translation of The Golden Calf—a true classic of Russian literature—marks the first time the complete text is available to English readers. Translated by Konstantin Gurevich & Helen Anderson, it’s based on the uncensored original, and it restores material missing from earlier English versions. It is also the funniest novel of the Soviet era.

The widget below will give you a slick, little (literally) preview, and you can also click through to view a full-sized version for a limited time. The book is scheduled for release in December, but, until then, you can always find out more (and pre-order any time . . .) via the Open Letter page right here.

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