Torino Book Fair [Arrivederci!]

Barring more volcano trouble (oh crap—looks my Alitalia flight has been delayed for 5 hours) I’m going to be in Turin for the rest of the week attending the Torino International Book Fair. The Italian Trade Commission organized this trip, bringing maybe 10 or so Americans to the book fair to help promote translations from Italian into English. (And they’re flying us business class!!)

Should be an interesting experience—I’m on a panel Thursday featuring Tina Jordan of the American Publishers Association, Patrick Nolan from Penguin, Jonathan Burnham of HarperCollins, and Anna Knutson of Maria B. Campbell Association and focusing on the U.S. publishing scene. And then on Friday I have half-hour appointments every half-hour from 10am until 7pm . . . Followed by a dinner with Jonathan Lethem and the wondeful people from minimum fax.

Figuring that I won’t have much time to blog from there, I set up a number of posts ahead of time, including a new review, some updated info on the translation database, etc., etc. So keep checking back over the next few days, and if I find some time to post some pics/info about Torino, I totally will. And I’ll write a lot about this book fair once I get back—including a piece for Publishing Perspectives.

More soon!

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