Alejandro Zambra with Megan McDowell

Where: 192 Books, 192 10th Avenue, New York, NY

Alejandro Zambra and his translator Megan McDowell will discuss Zambra’s latest book to be translated into English, The Private Lives of Trees.

Alejandro Zambra is acclaimed as the greatest writer of Chile’s younger generation. He is a poet and critic and currently teaches literature at the Diego Portales University in Santiago. His first novel, Bonsai, was awarded Chile’s Literary Critics’ Award for Best Novel, and the English translation by Carolina De Robertis (Melville House, 2008) was a finalist for the Best Translated Book Award.

Megan McDowell received her Master’s degree in Literary Translation from the University of Texas at Dallas. Her writings and translations can be found in Vice, Translation Review, and Words Without Borders. Other translation projects have included song lyrics for the Chilean singer Joe Vasconcellos, and a collaboration with her sister Jessye McDowell on the short film Los Triviños de Huasco.


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