"Beyond Words: Translating the World"

As if the Banff Centre — one of the few residencies for translations — wasn’t already amazing enough, they just published Beyond Words: Translating the World. From the press release:

Published by The Banff Centre, Beyond Words is about the art of translation. It guides readers “along the path from being lost in the original to being found in their own language,” according to editor Susan Ouriou, director of the Banff International Literary Translation Centre. Beyond Words includes essays and translations organized into four parts – Translating the World, Translating Poetry, The World of Translation, and Translating Prose – reflecting the cultural role in translation, analyzing the art form, and highlighting individual projects from The Banff Centre’s BILTC program. Past BILTC participants Anne Malena, Hélène Rioux and Katherine Silver will read from their contributions to the anthology.

For any and everyone interested in the art and craft of translation, this looks amazing. It includes essays by Katherine Silver (“The Erotic Place of Translation”), Alexis Levitin (“The Translator’s Life: From Chance to Transcendence”), Suzanne Jill Levine (“The Subversive Scribe”), Edith Grossman (“Translating Don Quixote”), and many more. Hope to get a full review of this online sometime in the near future . . .

In the meantime, I think you might be able to order a copy via Banff Press’s website but if anyone from Banff wants to correct me/update this, send me an e-mail or comment below.

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