Serbian Prose in Translation (Quick Update)

Yesterday I posted a short thing about Geopoetika’s Serbian Prose in Translation series and managed to both include a few inaccuracies and leave things a bit vague and confusing. Par for the course, I know, but just to clarify a few things:

  • Zoran Zivkovic’s novel Escher’s Loops is listed on the Geopoetika website, but rights to that are being handled separately, so the PDF/book isn’t actually available. Still, it’s Zivkovic, it sounds interesting, and hopefully some U.S. publisher will publish this;
  • I intentionally left this a bit open ended in the article itself (and my comment in the comments section), but the books are only being sent to professionals, including editors, agents, reviewers, etc., etc. According to Vladislav, they’ve received a number of requests from readers interested in all these books . . . Which is great&unfortunate. Sucks that interested readers don’t have access, great because it goes to show that people are interested in Serbian literature.

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