Six Words: More. Reviews. Of. Open. Letter. Books.

NPR is going all nationalist and public and polling their listeners on what they’d like to hear in terms of book reviews and book coverage:

What makes a book review worth reading? What type of books should NPR cover more? What do we write about too much? Who are you people, and what do you want?

As editors of the Arts section, my colleagues and I tend to think we know the answers to questions like these. But honestly, we’re just guessing, based on a combination of our preconceptions and stuff our spouses, moms and friends tell us (referred to in the news business as “gut instinct”).

So, as we start on a year-long project to expand and improve NPR’s books coverage, we thought we’d look past our own navels and invite some participation from you, our book-loving audience.

Take the online survey, and remember—every time you encourage NPR to review our books, a kitten gets its wings.

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