Thanks and Happy New Year

So, it’s 2011, and we just wanted to take a (slightly belated) minute to thank everyone who visits Three Percent, or reads books from Open Letter—or any literature in translation, for that matter—or hands an international novel to their friend, or takes the time to contribute some words, actions, or dollars in support of international literature in translation.

Over the few years we’ve been doing this, we’ve gained a number of great contributors and reviewers, but—most importantly—we’ve found a broad and dedicated readership that make this all worthwhile.

So: Thanks. You guys are best.

You may have noticed that giant, obtrusive banner at the top of our site for the last few weeks. It’ll be coming down very soon, and we also want to, again, thank everyone who generously contributed to our annual campaign.

We’re solidly in 2011, so we might be stretching the whole “annual” part of our campaign, but if you want to get a jump on your 2011 tax deductions, we’d like to restate our final mico-fundraising message: $10. If each of you gives just ten bucks, you’re participating in a total impact that’s really quite dramatic, and it’s greatly needed and greatly appreciated. If you’re able, please take a moment to click HERE to support Three Percent and Open Letter, and thank you.


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