Italian Literature after World War II

Where: Italian Cultural Institute New York, 686 Park Avenue (between 68th and 69th streets), New York City

A lecture by Italian author Giorgio Montefoschi. Montefoschi will present his analysis of Italian literature after the Second World War. His in depth viewpoint it is not the one of a literary historian, but that of a writer talking about writers.

According to the author, Italian writers who left their mark in the late Twentieth-century Italian literature are those that set their work free from its own historical context: ‘Eminent’ writers are those who are inspired by ‘ageless’ themes, such as love, pain, happiness and God, topics that touch everyone’s life. Gadda, Morante, Bassani, Parise, Tomasi di Lampedusa and Landolfi are some of the writers for whom Montefoschi will review. In fact, a number of them were close acquaintances of his.


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