Three Percent #21: This Title Is Not Plagiarized

This week, Tom and I discuss Q.R. Markham and the plagiarism scandal surrounding his novel Assassin of Secrets. Our conversation spins outwards from the event itself, to postmodern recontextualizing, Girl Talk, addiction, and why James Frey still sucks.

Things get a bit crazy from there, especially since we recorded this only hours after the NYPD and Bloomberg jacked the OccupyWallStreet protestors at Zuccotti Park.

Anyway, for those unfamiliar with the Q.R. Markham situation, you should first check out this New Yorker blog post, and Ed Champion’s extensive investigation of the instances of plagiarism in Quentin’s book. Then, check out the comments section of this post by Jeremy Duns for Quentin’s apology and various comments.

This week’s music is By Your Hand by Los Campesinos! from their new album Hello Sadness. Not my favorite Los Campesinos! album (not manic enough!), but this song is pretty fun.

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