Absinthe Minded Book Recommendations [More Karaoke Culture]

At this past ALTA (which I still need to write about, I know), Dwayne Hayes of Absinthe recorded are few video interviews about people’s favorite books of the year. The first one he posted is the one that I did about . . . Karaoke Culture. You can watch it at the link above (which I approve of, since part of my face is cut off on my browser, making me seem either arty or quite possibly freakish), or below:

And in terms of Absinthe itself, you can order a copy of the new issue (#16) by clicking here. And to get a taste of it, watch the video below in which Dwayne shamelessly uses his cuter-that-should-be-legal son to help explain what’s included. Watch it for the toddler, stay for the international literature!

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