Women's World Cup of Literature: The Bracket, The Dates, The Judges

Yesterday we announced the participating titles in this year’s Women’s World Cup of Literature, but now we’re prepared to share the official bracket along with all the dates and judges for the first two rounds. Phew. OK, starting at the top, here’s the official bracket with its incredible graphic:

(Just click on that to get a full-size version.)

And the dates/judges (subject to change):

Monday 6/8: Lori Feathers – Switzerland vs Cameroon
Tuesday 6/9: P.T. Smith – France vs Mexico
Wednesday 6/10: Hal Hlavinka – Cote D’Ivoire vs Norway
Thursday 6/11: Florian Duijsens – China vs New Zealand
Friday 6/12: Rachel Crawford – Australia vs Sweden
Saturday 6/13: Hannah Chute – Canada vs Netherlands
Sunday 6/14: Rhea Lyons – England vs Colombia
Monday 6/15: Meredith Miller – Brazil vs Costa Rica
Tuesday 6/16: Sal Robinson – USA vs Nigeria
Wednesday 6/17: Mythili Rao – South Korea vs Spain
Thursday 6/18: Joanna Walsh – Germany vs Thailand
Friday 6/19: M. Lynx Quarley – Japan vs Ecuador

Monday 6/22: Canada/Netherlands vs China/New Zealand – Lizzy Siddal
Tuesday 6/23: Germany/Thailand vs Cote D’Ivoire/Norway – Kalah McCaffrey
Wednesday 6/24: Japan/Ecuador vs Switzerland/Cameroon – Margaret Carson
Thursday 6/25: USA/Nigeria vs Australia/Sweden – Meytal Radzinski
Friday 6/26: Brazil/Costa Rica vs South Korea/Spain – Katrine Ogaard Jensen
Saturday 6/27: France/Mexico vs England/Colombia – Hilary Plum

Monday 6/29: Quarterfinal #1
Tuesday 6/30: Quarterfinal #2

Thursday 7/2: Semifinal #1
Friday 7/3: Semifinal #2

Monday 7/6: Championship

Start placing your bets now, and we’ll be back on Monday with the first match breakdown . . .

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