Two Month Review: #5.08: FOX by Dubravka Ugresic (“Little Miss Footnote”)

Caitlin Luce Baker from University Bookstore in Seattle joined Chad and Brian to talk about the “Little Miss Footnote” section of Dubravka Ugresic’s Fox. They touch on Dorothy Leuthold, Vladimir Nabokov, and much more, including a very subtle weaving of references that you’ll definitely want to tune in to learn about.

You can watch the video recording of this episode on YouTube, and while you’re there, subscribe to the Two Month Review channel and stayed tuned for the next broadcast–Tuesday, September 4th at 10am–which will feature Ryan Chapman (author of Conversation Sparks: Trivia Worth Talking About and several other ventures) and will cover the final section of the novel.

As always, Fox (and all the previous Two Month Review titles) is available for 20% off through our website. Just use the code 2MONTH at checkout.

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This week’s intro music is “We Don’t Have a Sail but We Have a Rudder” by El Ten Eleven, with the theme music of Life with Mikey serving as the outro track. (Please check out the trailer for this Michael J. Fox movie. It’s . . . unsettling. The early 90s were a time.)


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