Three Percent #147: Helping Listeners One Translation Heuristic at a Time

This week’s episode is mostly inspired by an email from a listener about evaluating translations, and although Tom and Chad don’t provide the hardest and fastest rules, they do have an interesting conversation about how they read and judge translated books. They also follow up on a few different threads from earlier episodes (like the neverending disappointment of The Great American Read), complain about these grants to giant publishers, and make some book recommendations.

Other articles and media referenced in this episode:

Jenny Hval’s Paradise Rot (with the unnerving blood photo)

Shelley Jackson’s Riddance (with the cool cover graphic)

Chad’s post on Geography of Rebels by Maria Gabriela Llansol (and a dissenting view from Ben Moser)

Chad’s post on two Deep Vellum books from Oulipian writers

In honor of Paradise Rot, this week’s music is “That Battle Is Over” from Jenny Hval’s Apocalypse, girl album.

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