Two Month Review #6.8: The Book of Disquiet (sections 274-315)

Chad and Brian fly solo this week, filling in dozens of TMR Bingo squares, and trying to come up with “rules for writers” based on this particular section of The Book of Disquiet. It’s a pretty imprecise set of rules, but whatever, in the words of Pessoa, “perfection is inhuman.” They also talk a bit about a “Mount Rushmore of American Literature,” whether or not listicles can hit a saturation point in which they’re all useless, and much more.

As always, you can find the video for this episode on our YouTube channel, where we livestream the episodes. Next week’s podcast will cover sections 316-358 (pages 337-387 in the U.S. edition). Stay tuned for more details about the exact time.

Feel free to comment on this episode—or on the book in general—either on this post, or at the official GoodReads Group.

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This season’s opening music is “E Às Vezes Dou Por Mim” by contemporary fado star Cristina Branco. And this week’s closing music is the most Pessoa-like song we’ve included to date . . .

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