TMR 8.11: CoDex 1962 (Pages 451-517)

We did it! Chad and Rachel Cardasco (with an assist from Tom Flynn of Volumes) talk about the last sections of Sjón’s CoDex 1962. It’s been quite the season and they bring it home in old school TMR style with a lot of Twin Peaks talk, many many digressions, acknowledging motifs and ideas that may or may not actually be in the text, and having a lot of fun. This is the most sci-fi section of the novel, which makes it a lot of fun. (THE ROBOTS ARE ALWAYS GOING TO TAKE OVER.)

Season 9 of the Two Month Review will kick off at the end of July and will feature Monsterhuman by Kjersti Skomsvold. Get your copy now!

And Season 10 will be the first English-language title to be included: Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann

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One response to “TMR 8.11: CoDex 1962 (Pages 451-517)”

  1. Mark says:

    First of all, a MILLION thanks for TMR..you guys totally ROCK!! As a token contribution to this book club, I thought you might enjoy this profile of the geneticist
    Looking forward to more!
    Thanks again,

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