African American Studies
Cilas Kemedjio
Modern Languages and Cultures
Box 270082

Aging Studies
Andrei Seluanov — Co-Chair
Department of Biology
Box 270211

Dirk Bohmann — Co-Chair
Department of Biomedical Genetics
Box 633

Melissa Pfohl Smith — Co-Chair
Program of Dance and Movement
Box 270051

Stephanie Ashenfelder — Co-Chair
Art & Art History
Box 270456

David Mathews — Co-Chair
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Box 703

Gaurav Sharma — Co-Chair
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Box 270126

Chemistry-Biology-Biophysics Interface Training Cluster
Kara Bren
Department of Chemistry
Box 270216

Cognitive Science
Robert Jacobs — Co-Chair
Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Box 270268

Daniel Gildea — Co-Chair
Department of Computer Science
Box 270226

Joyce McDonough — Co-Chair
Department of Linguistics
Box 270096

Deaf Studies
Robert Pollard
Department of Psychiatry
Box Psych

Disability Studies
Laura Robinson — Co-Chair
Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities (SCDD)
Box 671

Catherine Lewis — Co-Chair
Rochester Center for Community Leadership
Box 270443

Environmental Sustainability
Karen Berger — Co-Chair
Department of Earth & Environmental Science
Box 270221

Dan Reichman — Co-Chair
Department of Anthropology
Box 270161

Epigenetics and Genome Stability
Lata Balakrishnan — Co-Chair
Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Box 672

Michael Bulger— Co-Chair
Pediatrics Medical Center
Box 703

  Family Roundtable
Susan McDaniel — Co-Chair
Department of Psychiatry and Family Medicine
Box Psych

Jane Tuttle — Co-Chair
Department of Nursing

Gender and Women's Studies
Honey Meconi
Department of Music
Box 270052

Nora Rubel
Religion & Classics
Box 270074

Dirk Bohmann — Co-Chair
Department of Biomedical Genetics
Box 633

David Goldfarb— Co-Chair
Department of Biology
Box 270211

Health and Human Values
Stephanie Brown Clark — Co-Chair
Division of Medical Humanities
Box 676

Richard Dees — Co-Chair
Department of Philosophy
Box 270078

Leadership in Education
Michael Gage — Co-Chair
Department of Mathematics
Box 270138

Andrew Berger — Co-Chair
Institute of Optics
Box 270186

Music Cognition
Davy Temperley
Department of Music Theory

Music & Film
Reinhild Steingrover
ESM Humanities

Ania Majewska— Co-Chair
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
Box 603

Benjamin Hayden — Co-Chair
Brain and Cognitive Science
Box 270268

Premodern Studies
Thomas Hahn
Department of English
Box 270451

RNA Structure and Function
Yi-tao Yu
Department of Biochemistry
Box 712

Visual Studies
Rachel Haidu— Co-Chair
Department of Art and Art History
Box 270456

Jason Middleton — Co-Chair
Department of English
Box 270451