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Advising Handbook

Advanced Placement

Departmental criteria are established each year to determine how credit or placement may be granted to students who take the Advanced Placement tests which are usually given during the student’s senior year in high school. Such course credit may be used toward meeting degree requirements.

Students are notified of Advanced Placement credit by the College Center for Advising Services. Those wishing to discuss Advanced Placement credit should contact that office. Students may request reports online at

Policy for the Class of 2021
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Art History4 or 5Credit awarded after consultation with department.
Studio Arts4 or 5A maximum of four credits in Studio Arts awarded upon completion of 100-level course with "B" or better.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
BIOLOGY4 or 5Four credits of elective Biology awarded. Not for major. Students are eligible for placement in BIO 112/113.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
CHEMISTRY4 or 5Four credits for CHM 131. Eligible to apply for CHM 171 (Organic Chemistry). Placement in CHM 132 in the Spring. Students taking 131 will forfeit AP credit.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
COMPUTER SCIENCE A4 or 5Placement in CSC 172. Four credits of advanced placement credit granted.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
4 or 5Credit for EES 103.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Microeconomics4 or 5Credit for ECO 108 for 4 or 5 in Microeconomics plus 3, 4, 5 in Macroeconomics
Macroeconomics3, 4 or 5(See above)
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Language and Composition4 or 5No credit. See Primary Writing Requirement.
English Literature4 or 5Upon completion of a literature course offered by the English Department with a grade of “C” or better, four hours of elective English credit will be awarded (not for major). Students with questions should consult the Director of Undergraduate Studies in English.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
HISTORY (American, European or World History)5Elective credit granted for score of 5 on the American History, European History, or World History exams. Credit may not be used to satisfy the geographical, chronological, or area of focus requirements in major/minor.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Calculus AB3Student will be placed in MTH161.
4 or 5Student will be registered in MTH 162 or 171 with one semester advanced placement granted.
Calculus BC3Student will be registered in MTH 162 or 171 with one semester advanced placement granted.
4 or 5Student will be registered in MTH 164, 165, 171, or, in exceptional cases, in MTH 173. A student registering for MTH 171 will receive one semester of advanced placement credit. Otherwise, the student will receive two semesters of advanced placement credit.
NOTE: Students who receive A.P. credit for MTH 161 may register for MTH 162 or 171. MTH 171 is particularly recommended for students interested in mathematics, physics, or theoretical engineering who would like to gain a deeper knowledge of how and why calculus works so effectively.

Advanced placement is only into courses of the 160 sequences or on rare occasions for extraordinarily well-prepared students into the 170 sequences. There is no advanced placement in the 140 sequence.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
French (Literature and Languages)5Placement by department in FR200. Credit granted for FR153 upon completion of FR200 with grade of “B+” or better.
German (Literature and Languages)4 or 5Placement by department in 152 or 200. Credit granted for 151 upon completion of 152 with grade of “B” or better. Credit granted for 151 and 152 upon completion of 200 with “B” or better.
Spanish (Literature and Languages)4Placement by department in SP152. Credit granted for SP151 upon completion of SP152 with grade of “B+” or better. 
5Placement by department in SP200. Credit granted for SP151 and SP152 upon completion of SP200 with grade of “B+” or better.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
MUSIC THEORY4 or 5Credit for MUR 110. See department for placement.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
C (Mechanics)4Conditional credit granted for PHY 113 or PHY 121. Can be placed into PHY 114, PHY 122 or PHY 1421.
5Credit granted for PHY 113 or PHY 121, and students can be placed into PHY 114, PHY 122 or PHY 1421.
C (Electromagnetism)4Conditional credit2 granted for PHY 122. Can be placed into PHY 123 or PHY 1431.
5Credit for PHY 114, conditional credit for PHY 122, and students can be placed into PHY 123 or PHY 1431.
Test B (General)5Conditional credit2 granted for PHY 113 or PHY 121. Can be placed into PHY 114 or PHY 122.
Physics 1 (Mechanics)5Four general college hour credits; these credits cannot be used to satisfy any of the requirements for the PHY/PAS major or minor.
Physics 2 (Electromagnetism)5Four general college hour credits; these credits cannot be used to satisfy any of the requirements for the PHY/PAS major or minor.
1 Placement into honors sequence courses PHY 141, PHY 142 and PHY 143 requires permission of the instructor.
2 Conditional credit means that credit will be granted if at least a grade of B- is received in the course into which the student is placed.
NOTE: Students who will be pursuing a physics or physics and astronomy degree, and who receive AP credit for PHY 121, are still strongly encouraged to take PHY 141 regardless of their AP score. Students with questions about AP credit should consult the department’s web page or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Comparative Government and Politics or U. S. Government and Politics4 or 5Four credits in Political Science for either exam.  No additional credit if both exams are taken.  For details, see guidelines for the majors in International Relations and Political Science.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
PSYCHOLOGYPSY 101 NO LONGER waived for a score of 3.
4 or 5Credit for PSY 101.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
Latin4 or 5Credit for LAT 102
NOTE: Students who complete a second Latin exam with a score of 4 or 5 earn credit for LAT 208 upon completion of a Latin course numbered 103 or above with a “B” or better grade.
CourseScoreCredit and/or Placement
STATISTICS4 or 5Four credits in Statistics. (May be used as STT 211 or 212.)
NOTE: Students intending to pursue an Economics major are advised to enroll in ECO 230 or MTH 203 to fulfill the statistics requirement for the major.