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Interdepartmental Programs

Proposal Approval

Are changes permitted?

Yes. If you need to make changes in your proposal after it has been approved by the committee, you'll bring a description of the desired changes on a form available in the Multidisciplinary Studies Center, signed by your faculty advisor(s). The form and the requested changes are reviewed and a determination is made.

When will I meet with my faculty advisors?

It varies from student to student, but you will meet with your advisor(s) at least once a semester. Remember, they are interested in your academic progress and intellectual development.

Can students with Individualized Interdepartmental majors graduate with Honors?

Yes. The bachelor's degree with honors is awarded according to three criteria:

  1. Successful completion of 12 credits of honors coursework: two 4-credit independent study courses in your senior year, one devoted to honors research in the fall, and another devoted to the thesis writing in the spring; and one 4-credit advanced-level course or seminar;
  2. Completion of a senior thesis;
  3. An oral defense of the thesis.

Detailed information about the requirements is available in the Multidisciplinary Studies Center.

Note: your major must be approved no later than the spring semester of your junior year in order to be eligible to apply for Honors.

What are the criteria for graduation with distinction?

The bachelor’s degree with distinction is awarded to students with a sufficiently high grade point average within the major: 3.25 with Distinction, 3.50 for High Distinction, and 3.75 for highest distinction. (Only core courses, not supplemental courses, are counted.) It is possible for students to earn the degree with both distinction and honors.