Office of the Dean of Students

Student Services and Policies

The Office of the Dean of Students is committed to assisting and advocating for the needs of our students. Some of our most requested information and services are listed below, including:

We encourage you to contact our office if you have any questions about student life or services, and if needed we can refer you to the appropriate offices for the requested service.

Emergency Loan Program

The Office of the Dean of Students administers an Emergency Loan Program, which provides assistance to students for unexpected expenses. These have to be designated as a TRUE unexpected emergency expense (as a result of theft, fire, family crisis, etc) and must meet a specific criteria set forth by the Dean of Students and the Bursars office. Undergraduate students may borrow up to $150, and graduate students may borrow up to $300 which will then be added to a student's term bill for repayment. The loan cannot be used to pay off other University debts.

To receive a loan, please come to the Office of the Dean of Students in 510 Wilson Commons between 10am and 2pm. Students will be asked to complete a very brief loan application. You must have your student ID with you, and you must be enrolled for the current semester. Other restrictions and Bursar's regulations may apply.

Hospitalization / Family Emergency Notification

The Office of the Dean of Students, along with the Center for Advising Services, will assist with notification to professors of student hospitalization or family emergencies that require a long absence from academic work. Should the situation arise, students or parents/guardians may contact our office at (585) 275-4085. We also encourage students to, if possible, contact their faculty members and advisors as well.

Dean's Certification for Graduate School and Transfer Applications

When transferring to another school, or continuing onto graduate studies, many program applications have a section that requests a Dean's Certification and/or a Disciplinary Clearance. In coordination with the Center for Advising Services, our office will complete and mail out the form for you.

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing as information must be verified. Be sure all sections are completed on the application form as well as your signature. You may drop off the form at our office Monday-Friday between the hours of 10:00am-2:00pm, along with an addressed and stamped envelope for each school that you wish it be sent to. The Dean of Students Office contact information is:

Office of the Dean of Students
University of Rochester
510 Wilson Commons
Rochester, NY, 14627-0443

Standing Committee on Alcohol Policy and Education

The Standing Committee on Alcohol Policy and Education was created in the Spring 2009 semester to help ensure that UR polices and educational programs related to alcohol are appropriate and effective in reducing the harms associated with alcohol use on our campus. The SCAPE is charged with the following:

  1. Reviewing the UR's alcohol policies.
  2. Evaluating whether our enforcement of those policies is effective in reducing the harms associated with alcohol use.
  3. Assessing our current alcohol education programs and determining whether additional alcohol education strategies should be implemented.

The committee is comprised of students, faculty and staff and meets regularly throughout the academic year.

Event Registration

Please refer to the Event Registration page.

Social Networking Sites

The University does not monitor the Internet for content. When we have knowledge of an allegation that the law or a University policy may be violated, we will investigate such allegations. Students may be held accountable for violations of law or University policies that are revealed during such an investigation.

Social networking sites present unique circumstances for their users, but do not necessitate a deviation from the policies and practices that guide the University community's use of the Internet. Students are advised to be aware that the information they post on these sites may be seen by their relatives, their faculty, their future employers, etc. Just as the University does not monitor students' postings for content, it makes no effort and, in fact, can make no effort to control access to any student's information or postings on social networking sites.

University Intercessors

The Provost appoints members of the faculty and staff to serve as University Intercessors. The role of the Intercessors is to investigate and respond to questions and concerns about issues of harassment and discrimination expressed by any member of the University community. Intercessors work with faculty, staff, and students and their school or department to suggest outcomes and resolutions that adhere to established University policies and procedures, as well as state and federal law. Intercessors serve as a resource to the University to provide guidance and education on University policy related to harassment and discrimination.

Other University and College Policies

The Registrar's Office maintains a list of other University and College policies, such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, information for students with disabilities, the policy on classroom assignment for disabled students, the policy on observance of religious holidays, immunization requirements, and email policy. Please view their website for the policy information, or contact (585) 275-8131.