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Going beyond medieval times to explore early worlds

The Early Worlds Initiative, an interdisciplinary research project, at the University of Rochester aims to delve deeper into this complex and intriguing field.

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Using data science to tell which of these people is lying

“Basically, our system is like Skype on steroids,” says Tay Sen, a PhD student in the lab of Ehsan Hoque, an assistant professor of computer science.

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Alien apocalypse: can any civilization make it through climate change?

“If we’re not the universe’s first civilization,” Frank says, “that means there are likely to be rules for how the fate of a young civilization like our own progresses.”

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Uncertainty in a date dampens interest in a mate

A study by psychologists, including Professor Harry Reis, finds that uncertainty about potential partners’ romantic interest decreased their sexual appeal.

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Embracing creativity, dialogue, culture, and scholarship.

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Applying science, technology, and optics to build a better world.

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Natural Science

Broadening our understanding of how the world works.

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Social Science

Gaining insights into people, politics, economics, and society.

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Million Dollars

AS&E research funding in FY2015.


in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Images of Research

View photos that capture the University’s commitment to understanding how the world works while also making the world ever better.

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Ongoing Research Initiatives

Data Science

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Digital Humanities

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Women in STEM

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University-Industry Collaborations

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Core Facilities

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