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The Future of the Past

Textual scientist Gregory Heyworth recovers the words and images of cultural heritage objects that have been lost, through damage and erasure, to time.

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Song lyrics in real time and in multiple languages

Zhiyao Duan launched an automatic lyrics display system. The system is able to follow a performance and display lyrics on a large screen in real time in multiple languages.

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Ancient ozone layers and climate change

Lee Murray developed a computer model that shows how the concentration of oxidants changes under different climate conditions and temperatures.

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Children with FASD lag in emotional understanding

A University study shows children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD) display a developmental delay in their emotional understanding.

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Embracing creativity, dialogue, culture, and scholarship.

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Applying science, technology, and optics to build a better world.

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Natural Science

Broadening our understanding of how the world works.

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Social Science

Gaining insights into people, politics, economics, and society.

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Million Dollars

AS&E research funding in FY2015.


in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Images of Research

View photos that capture the University’s commitment to understanding how the world works while also making the world ever better.

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Ongoing Research Initiatives

Data Science

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Digital Humanities

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Women in STEM

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University-Industry Collaborations

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Core Facilities

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