A Special Message from Three Percent & Open Letter Books

Dear Readers,

Over this past year we’ve been working so hard that we sometimes forget to look up and take stock of all we’ve accomplished.

The year started with an exceptional profile in the New York Times that nurtured, more than we could have imagined, a widespread awareness of Three Percent and Open Letter’s mission: to write about, find, translate, and make available in English the finest literature from around the world. In that spirit, we published ten more incredible titles from places like Catalonia, South Africa, Iceland, and Argentina, and we’re receiving more press and review coverage than ever.

Of course, we don’t just publish these books. Grabbing new readers and generating all the excitement we can is equally important to us. We’ve traveled the States, promoting the cultural importance of translations. We’ve hosted a full year of public “Reading the World” events. Three Percent is more popular than ever. The Best Translated Book Awards are gaining prestige well beyond our expectations. As part of the University of Rochester, we’re now offering students an undergraduate certificate and an MA in Literary Translation Studies. There’s just too much to fit in this space . . . and, while these are only the CliffsNotes, we have even more in the queue for 2011!

We can’t thank you enough for your shared interest, support, and appreciation of how these many publications and programs make enriching contributions to our culture. As we head toward an exciting and busy 2011, your donation — 501(c)(3), tax-deductible — of any amount is not just important to us, it’s what truly allows us to continue excelling at what we do.

We ask that you please contribute to Three Percent/Open Letter this season by donating online or mailing back this flier. Knowing we have your support, we work doubly hard to meet your standards.

AND, as a special incentive, one in every ten donors (making gifts of any amount) will receive a free Open Letter book of their choosing.

Finally: We love hearing from you. Have questions or suggestions for us? Don’t hesitate to be in touch: contact@openletterbooks.org.

All best to you and yours this holiday from Three Percent, Open Letter, and all those who contribute their time to help us everyday.


Chad W. Post
Publisher & Director

E.J. Van Lanen

Nathan Furl
Art & Operations

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