Publishers: Come to ALTA 42 in Rochester!

For all editors and publishers out there, we wanted to put make sure you knew about  the American Literary Translators Association conference in Rochester on November 7-10 and some of the opportunities available to publishers.

Nowadays the ALTA conference attracts ~450 literary translators to a conference featuring three days of panels, bilingual readings, off-site events, and keynote speeches. Topics range from the very practical (how to pitch projects to publishers, how to negotiate contracts) to more craft-oriented (translating style, dialogue in translation) and basically everything in between. For translators, it’s incredibly valuable; as a publisher, I (Chad) have developed a number of amazing relationships with translators I’ve met through ALTA (which has led to any number of projects).

Given our proximity to NY (only a moderately long train ride! Or a hour-long flight!), this year is a great opportunity for more publishers and editors to get involved. To that end, here are four things that we’re offering to all attending publishing people:

* We can include promotional material in the attendee tote bags from every publisher that attends;

* If you attend, we can stock a number of your recent titles in the ALTA bookstore (which is one of the most popular parts of ALTA);

* If you want, you can participate in the ALTA speed dating in which you get a 2-3 page sample ahead of time, and meet with a translator for 15 minutes to give them some feedback and suggestions of where they can pitch their work (LIMITED NUMBER OF OPPORTUNITIES);

* There is also an opportunity to participate in an hour-long pitch session, fielding 5-minute pitches from participants who sign up ahead of time. A great way to find out about potential projects and/or meet new translators to call on in the future (LIMITED NUMBER OF OPPORTUNITIES).

(BONUS: You can have a drink with me at my favorite bar and I will likely challenge you to some stupid parlour game.)

If you’re interested in attending, please email ALTA’s executive director, Lissie Jaquette BEFORE Sunday, August 4th.

See you in November!


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