Season 19 of TMR: “The Remembered Part” by Rodrigo Fresán & Will Vanderhyden

Are you ready? Like, really, ARE YOU READY? We announced this months ago, but given the size of this book and all of the various reading obligations Brian and I have respectively had (writing, editing, teaching for him; editing, teaching, and Iceland prep for me), we wanted to wait until we could give this book the attention it deserves.

In fact, given the fact that we first discussed The Invented Part on this podcast in May of 2017 . . . I feel like I personally need a refresher on The Invented Part and The Dreamed Part, before we tackle part three of the “monster.” So, over the next twenty-two days, we’ll be re-running each of the episodes from these earlier seasons of the Two Month Review. Download, listen, laugh along, see how Brian and I have grown as hosts, and then, you can join in on May 10th as we complete the trilogy as part of our nineteenth season of the Two Month Review.

I’ll provide more specifics about The Remembered Part as we grow closer to the launch of this season, but for now, here are a couple crucial things:

The Remembered Part is available wherever you buy your books. If your local indie store doesn’t have it, make them order ten copies for display while shaking your head at their foolishness. OR, you can buy it from us. In fact, if you want ALL THREE VOLUMES, we’re selling them for $40—a steal! (Or a home run? My baseball metaphors are rusty.)

And here’s the official reading schedule for what I believe is our longest TMR book to date. (Just wait until Brian finds out about the “Year of Miss MacIntosh, My Darling” . . . this is why I don’t have friends.)

May 10: Introduction to The Remembered Part

May 17: Pages 1-82

May 31: Pages 82-143

June 7: Pages 144-204

June 14: Pages 204-281

June 21: Pages 281-354

June 28: Pages 355-422

July 5: Pages 422-490

July 12: Pages 490-563

July 19: Pages 563-643

July 26: Pages 644-700

August 2: Pages 700-The End

Buckle up—this summer of Fresán is going to be filled with verbal pyrotechnics, riffs upon riffs, literary and pop culture references spilling off of every page, and a conclusion that will shock (and hopefully satisfy).

Again, subscribe to the Two Month Review wherever you get your podcasts, and participate in the Great Fresán Re-listen. And order your copies of The Remembered Part (or all three) now so that you have plenty of time to strengthen your wrists before we tackle the final volume of one of the most impressive trilogies of our time, from one of the greatest living Spanish-language authors there is.

Let’s do this.

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