TMR 19.5: “The Burning Gaze of Vladimir Nabokov” [THE REMEMBERED PART]

Separated by 10 hours—like podcasting jet lag?—Chad and Brian work through some observations and rants (specifically about a shitty NY Times list of the best American books between 1981 and 2006, which consists almost entirely of Philip Roth and John Updike and only two books by women), about this section of The Remembered Part. Chad argues for being willing to be confused while reading and they discuss whether or not Fresán’s works are confusing. There’s also the usual amount of banter and bullshit, and zero words wasted on the Cardinals.

This week’s music is “Right Thing” by Bayonne.

Next week we’ll be covering pages 281-354 (full schedule), and you can watch it live here, or by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

You can purchase each of the books in the trilogy separately (InventedDreamedRemembered, OR, if you don’t have them and are ready for the reading event of 2023, then get The Part Trilogy for $40—approximately 30% off.

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