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Interfaith Chapel

Distinguished by the diversity of its members, the College welcomes men and women from various faiths practiced by the world’s peoples. The Interfaith Chapel affirms and celebrates a rich mixture of religious expression and heritages by offering a variety of opportunities for religious worship and meditation, social service and personal counseling, and cultural and social events.

Chaplains and advisors are available to work with all members of the University community. The director of the Interfaith Chapel works with students, chaplains, and University departments to facilitate and coordinate the many programs carried on within the chapel. Chapel rooms may be reserved for lectures, discussions, or social events.

While there are regular Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Protestant and Zen Buddhist services available on campus, the Chaplain’s Office also helps identify advisors from other religious traditions to actively support and work with other groups. The Interfaith Chapel, with the Student Association for Interfaith Cooperation, also offers a variety of interfaith activities, including a bi-weekly Interfaith Café Conversation on Thursday evenings, interfaith dialogue and education events and interfaith service projects. Students can call (585) 275-4321 to learn more about those options.

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