Non-University Reservations

Rooms maybe requested using Non-UR Related Reservation Request Form.

Room Fees

This room can be set up with 190 chairs (default) or up to 500 chairs. Set up, re-set, and housekeeping are included.
$725 for up to 4 hours Monday - Thursday
$2000* for up to 4 hours Friday - Sunday
River Level
This room can either be set up as theater style, with 250 seats, or reception style with 180 seats. Set up, re-set and cleaning are included.
$725* for up to 4 hours Monday - Thursday
$2000* for up to 4 hours Friday - Sunday
Brennan Room
This room can seat up to 40 people in a lounge setting and should be used as is. Housekeeping is extra.
$150 for up to 4 hours

*This fee is an approximation.

Events in the Sanctuary

Type of EventAffiliated (Up to 3 hours)Non Affiliated (Up to 3 hours)
Wedding$750 (plus refundable $200 security deposit)$1200 (plus refundable $200 security deposit)
Memorial Service with 190 chairs$250$350
Bat Mitzvahs$350$550
Special Events in default setting with 190 chairs$225 per hour$300 per hour
Housekeeping service and special setup /reset - extra fee, pending time and day of week.


Please make checks payable to: University of Rochester Interfaith Chapel and send to chapel address by the date indicated in your contract.

Disability Accommodations

Wheelchair spaces and companion seating are available in the Sanctuary. Restrooms are located on the Middle Level of the Chapel and are accessible by elevator.

The sanctuary is equipped with a hearing loop assistive listening system, and the entire building is air-conditioned.


When parking on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. please stop at the River Campus Information Booth on Wilson Blvd. to purchase a parking permit or park at the meters. Weekday events involving outside community are discouraged due to limited parking and fees.

Campus and metered parking are free after 7 p.m. weekdays and on Saturday and Sunday only.

For more information see the parking office website.

Set Up

Arrangement for setup/reset and housekeeping will be handled by chapel staff. The chapel event coordinator will be present in the building during your event.

Only chapel or Event and Classroom Management staff will be allowed to use chapel’s sound systems.

Food and Beverages

Due to tightening rules and regulations regarding food preparation and handling, please refer to the guidelines and list of approved caterers to University’s Environmental Health and Safety website. Food from an unauthorized caterer is not allowed at the University.

Alcohol and smoking is NOT permitted in and around the Interfaith Chapel.

Food Trucks

A food truck can be used at your special event hosted at the chapel. The food truck request should be sent directly to the administrative coordinator at least one month prior to your event. There is a $30 approval processing fee and all food trucks must be from the University of Rochester approved food truck list.

Additional Guidelines

  • Advertising or signs may not be attached to walls, doors or windows.
  • Children attending events at the Chapel must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • The Interfaith Chapel is not responsible for items left behind and unattended.
  • Due to limited space, your items cannot be stored overnight. Please designate someone from your group to collect your belongings at the conclusion of your event (decorations, programs etc.).
  • Please come prepared with your own supplies. Out of consideration for the chapel staff, we ask not to use their offices, equipment or telephones.
  • Candles may only be used during religious worship when such worship is led by a recognized and chapel affiliated religious leader.
    • Eucharistic candles, unity candles for weddings, Shabbat candles, and havdalah candles are permitted under the supervision of Interfaith Chapel chaplains or religious leaders.
    • Oil lamps and incense sticks may be used for religious rituals under the supervision of a recognized and chapel affiliated religious group leader.