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Thursday September 24

Prof. Alex Gaeta, Dept. of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics, Columbia University

Quantum Photonics in the Frequency Domain

To participate via Zoom:

Thursday February 13

Dr. Massimiliano Rossi, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University

Quantum Correlations in an Ultracoherent Optomechanical Cavity


Talks are in B&L 109 at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Thursday December 19

Dr. Debmalya Das, University of Rochester

Estimation of Quantum States Using Weak Measurements

Thursday November 14

Dr. Etienne Jussiau, Université Grenoble Alps

Transition Properties of a Discrete Level Strongly Coupled to a Continuum With a Band Structure

Thursday November 7

Prof. Peter Milonni, LANL and University of Rochester

The Effects of Quantum and Thermal Jitter of Bekensteing's Proposed Experiment to Search for Plank-scale Physics

Thursday October 31

Prof. Kanupriya Sinha, JQI Univ. of Maryland

Tailoring Casimir-Polder Interactions in Nanoscale Quantum Optical Systems

Thursday October 24

Prof. Jacob Khurgin, Johns Hopkins University

Epsilon (and mu) Near Zero Materials - Photonics on Steroids

Thursday October 17

Prof. Yutaka Shikano, Keio University

Quantum Random Numbers Generated by a Cloud Supercomputing Quantum Computer

Thursday June 13

Songbo Xie, University of Rochester

Stories about Ghost Imaging

Dr. Cyril Elouard, University of Rochester

Thermodynamics of Resonance Fluorescence

Thursday April 25

Prof. Xuedong Hu, University at Buffalo

Spin Qubits in Si: Coherence and Control

Thursday April 11

Prof. Prof. John Nichol

A Heisenberg Spin Teleport

Thursday April 4

Dr. Xiaofeng Qian and Songbo Xie, University of Rochester

Entanglement Restriction and Sharing in Multi-qubit Systems

Thursday March 28

Prof. Jaime Cardenas, University of Rochester

Next Gerneration Integrated Photonics: Towards and Integrated Quantum Optoelectronic Circuit

Thursday January 24

Prof. Shanhui Fan, Stanford University

Nanophotonics: Fundamental Aspects and Energy Applications


Talks are in B&L 109 at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Thursday December 13

Prof. Juan Torres, ICFO and Uni. Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona, SPAIN

Induced Coherence: a Useful Revival or a Reinvention of the Wheel?

Thursday December 6

Prof. Emilio Cobanera, Physics Department, SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Quantum Brownian Motion in a Landau Level

Thursday November 16

Prof. Alexander Korotkov, Univ. Calif. Riverside

Continuous Quantum Measurement of Solid-State Qubits

Thursday November 8

Prof.Adolfo del Campo, U. Mass. Boston

Monitoring Quantum Systems: Speed Limits and Symmetry Breaking

Thursday April 19

Prof. Ed Barnes, Virginia Tech.

Robust Quantum Control for Quantum Technologies


Talks are in B&L 109 at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Thursday December 14

Prof. Juan Torres, ICFO and Uni. Politecnica de Catalunya Barcelona, SPAIN

Coherence and Correlations in the Quantum and Classical Worlds

Thursday December 1

Dr. Xu Wang, China Academy of Engineering Physics

Double Ionization with Circular Polarization: Current Status and Explanation of Unexpected New Data

Thursday October 19

Prof. Peter Milonni, LNAL and the University of Rochester

Zero Point Energy: Fact or Fiction

Thursday October 12

Prof. Vinko Zlatic,Rudjer Boskovic Institute

Friday June 16

Prof. Mark R. Dennis, University of Bristol

Getting Tangled in Structured Light: knotted wave fields

Thursday April 27

Clark Caroll Lecture

Prof. Paul Brumer, The University of Toronto

Seeking Quantum Effects in Biological Systems: from Photosynthesis to Vision

Thursday April 13

Prof. Ariel Caticha, University at Albany

Entropic Dynamics: from Entropy and Information Geometry to Quantum Mechanics

Thursday March 23

John Nichol, University of Rochester

Coherence and quantum optics with single electron spins in solids

Thursday March 16

No meeting today (Spring Break and APS March Meeting)

Thursday March 9

Special Colloquium - Institute of Optics, Goergen

René Essiambre, Bell Labs Alcatel Lucent

Thursday March 2

Spring Semester Get Together - see you at 4!

Fall 2016

Talks are in B&L 109 at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted

Thursday November 10th

Prof. Antonio Zelaquett-Khoury, Univ. Fluminense, Rio de Janiero

Classical and quantum non-deparability of vector vortices

Friday November 4th

Ralf Menzel, Institute of Physics and Astronomy, Potsdam University, Potsdam, Germany

Complementarity, light modes and vacuum fields

NOTE: This talk will be at 2:30 p.m. in B&L 106

Thursday November 3th

Xiao Feng Qian, Univ. Rochester, Institute of Optics

Non-quantum Complementarity – Triality Rather than Duality

Friday October 14th

Paul Kwiat, U. of Illinois

Quantum sources, memories, and applications:

Better living through time multiplexing

NOTE: This talk will be at 2:00 p.m. in B&L 106

Thursday September 29th

Benjamin D'Anjou, McGill University

Optimization of real-world qubit measurements

Spring 2016

Thursday May 5th

Yiming Lai, University of Rochester

A genetic approach to confine and to slow light in photonic crystals

Thursday March 24th

Shival Buch, University of Rochester

Inspecting non-linear phenomena in multi-mode fibers

Aku Antikainen, University of Rochester

Optical event horizons and temporal fluctuations in supercontinuum generation


Monday March 21st – Goergen 108

Professor Jason Smith, University of Oxford, UK

Open access optical microcavities for controlled light-matter interaction

Thursday March 10th

Govind Agrawal, The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester

Space-time duality in optics

Thursday February 25th

Professor Miguel Alonso, University of Rochester

Can [optical device n] perform [seemingly unphysical task n]?

Thursday February 18th

Xiaofeng Qian, University of Rochester

Quantifying quantum resource sharing

Professor Miguel Alonso, University of Rochester

A geometric description of entanglement (and polarization)

Thursday February 5th

Yunjin Choi, University of Rochester

Thermoelectric energy harvesting at the nano scale

Omar Magaña-Loaiza, University of Rochester

Measuring exotic looped trajectories of light in a three-slit interferometer

Fall 2015

Thursday November 19th

Frank Hou, University of Rochester

Electronic coherence and the kinetics of energy transfer in light-harvesting systems

Thursday November 12th

Liping Chen, University of Rochester

Laser induced currents along nanoscale junctions

Arnad Kar, University of Rochester

Understanding the fundamental connection between electronic correlation and decoherence

Thursday November 5th

Herschel Rabitz, Princeton University

Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Controlled Quantum Dynamics

Thursday October 29th

Andrew Jordan, The University of Rochester

What I did at my Côte d'Azur conference -- Spooky energy gain in a weakly measured fluorescing qubit

Thursday October 22tnd

Donut Gathering

Thursday October 8th

Yakir Aharanov


Thursday September 24th

Shengshi Pang, University of Rochester

Enhancing the precision of weak measurements

Thursday September 17th

Ryan Camacho, Sandia National Laboratories


Thursday September 10th

Xiaofeng Qian, University of Rochester

Detecting hidden coherences in classical light

Summer 2015

Tuesday August 11th

Yoko Miyamoto, The University of Electro-Communications, Japan

Interferometric methods for probing orbital angular momentum of light

Spring 2015

Thursday April 30th

Michael Hartridge, Yale University

Remote entanglement of transmon qubits

Thursday April 23

Svetlana Lukishova, The University of Rochester

"Single-photon experiments with liquid crystals for quantumscience and quantum engineering applications"

Thursday April 16

Professor John Howell, The Univesity of Rochester

"Physics of Invisibility"

Thursday April 9

Professor Foek Hioe, St. John Fisher College and the University of Rochester

“Analytic Solutions of Two-, Three-State Systems and Others, AReview in Memory of Clark E. Carroll”

Thursday March 26

Justin T. Schultz, The University of Rochester“A ‘Spin’ on Atom Optics: A waveplate for studying atom-optic polarization”

Wednesday March 4

William D. Phillips, JQI at the University of Maryland and NIST, Gaithersburgh

Special Colloquium, Joint with Physics and Astronomy and the Institute of Optics

"Synthetic Fields for Neutral Atoms"

Monday March 2

Professor Alexy Ikimov, Russian Quantum Center

"Light-mater interfaces for solid-state quantum emiters"

Thursday February 26Mohammad Mirhosseini and Omar Magana Lopez, The University of RochesterLivestreamed: NoMohammad: "Information capacity of a photon: studies in high dimensional QKD"Omar: "Novel interference effects in the angular domain"

Thursday February 6

Professor Peter Knight, FRS

Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College, LondonKavli Royal Society International Centre, Chicheley HallUK National Physical Laboratory, and The University of Rochester

this is a special lecture at 2:00 to be held in Sloan Auditorium

"Sustaining Science in a Difficult World"

Thursday January 29

Professor Vladimir K. Ignatovic, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia

"Closer look at Bell's inequality and its significance within the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox"

Fall 2014

December 11

Dr. Ryszard Kostecki, Perimeter Institute

"New quantum kinematics and dynamics based on geometry of quantum information"

December 4

Dr. Bianca Dittrich, Perimeter Institute

"Quantum space time engineering"

Nov 13

Ignacio Franco, University of Rochester , Department of Chemistry

“Electronic decoherence in molecules”

Nov 6

David McCamant, University of Rochester Department of Chemistry

“Spectroscopic Pathways through Molecular Energy Levels"

October 30th

Anthony Vella and Stephen Head

"Characterizing subwavelength structures through focused beam

scatterometry; getting inspiration from weak measurements"

October 24

Daniel Campbell, Joint Quantum Institute and the Department of Physics, the University of Maryland.

“Domains and spin-orbit coupling in ultracold gasses”

October 16th

Thomas Brown and Katelynn Sharma

"Measuring spatial coherence through the shadow of small obstacles,

and polarization using stress birefringence"

October 9th

Wayne Myrvold, University of Western Ontario

"Why I am not a QBist: The case for quantum state realism"

October 7, 2014

Prof. Ralf Menzel, Potsdam University (Berlin)

"One-photon Double-Slit Experiments"

Oct 6

Miguel Alonso

September 25th

Xiao-Feng Qian and Bethany Little, The University of Rochester

"Is a Bell test a good test to discriminate quantum from classical?”

September 18th

Gerardo Viza and Julian Martinez, The University of Rochester

“Weak Values and Technical Noise”

September 8 - 10

Prof. Anton Zeilinger, Institute for Quantum Optics & Quantum Information, the University of Vienna

The Elliott W. Montrol Lectures

Sponsored by

The Department of Physics and Astronomy

joint with the

The Institute of Optics and the

Center for Coherence and Quantum Optics

September 8

“Quantum imaging with undetected photons”

September 9

“From Einstein's spook and Schrödinger's cat to quantum communication and quantum computation”

Wed, September 10

“Entangled photons in large spaces”

Spring 2014

April 3

Henry EverittHenry Everitt Chief Scientist, Army Aviation and Missile RD&E Center Adjunct Professor of Physics, Duke University

March 31

Marco DavancoMarcelo DavancoNational Institute of Standards and TechnologyNanocenter of University of Maryland

January 30

Mishkat BhattacharyaMishkat BhattacharyaRochester Institute of Technology

Fall 2013

December 12

Dr. Justin LovegroveDr. Justin LovegroveUniversity of Southampton

December 5

Al ShapereAl ShapereUniversity of Kentucky

November 21

Daniel JamesDaniel JamesUniversity of Toronto

November 14

Govind AgrawalYuzhe XiaoGovind Agrawal and Yuzhe XiaoUniversity of Rochester

November 7

Vladan VuleticProf. Vladan VuleticMassachusetts Institute of Technology

October 24

Yuhong YaoYuhong YaoUniversity of Rochester

October 17

Wei JiangXiyuan LuWei Jiang and Xiyuan LuUniversity of Rochester

October 10

Qiang LinQiang LinUniversity of Rochester

October 3

Kartik SrinivasanKartik SrinivasanNational Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

September 26

Areeya ChantasriGregory HowlandAreeya Chantasri and Gregory HowlandUniversity of Rochester

September 19

Nick VamivakasNick VamivakasUniversity of Rochester

September 12

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