Atomic Physics and Quantum Control


Researchers: Badolato, Bhattacharya, Bigelow, Eberly, Franco, Guo, Howell, Stroud

Current research topics include Bose-Einstein condensation; the application of quantum control creation and manipulation of ultracold molecules; quantum noise in atomic measurement, quantum communication/information and weak field detection in coherent atomic media.

Our research also includes the physics of Rydberg atoms and creation and control of spatially localized electron wave packets within an atom, multilevel quantum logic, generation of quantum states of light via electromagnetically induced transparency, and entanglement and teleportation of macroscopic states of matter.

The group more broadly considers coherent control of the shape of an atomic electron's wavefunction using a train of laser pulses. We are interested in multielectron effects of atoms and molecules interacting with strong fields and in the highly nonequilibrium regime

We have activities related to coherent quantum control via counter-intuitive dark-state interactions, cavity QED, soliton and adiabaton propagation, and non-sequential double ionization of atoms exposed to high intensity radiation.