Coherence, Entanglement and Measurement


Researchers: Alonoso, Eberly, Fienup, Franco, Howell, Jordan, Wolf

Our work includes fundamentals and applications of high-dimensional entanglement, entanglement measures, continuous variable entanglement, discrete entanglement, quantum information and the dynamics of entanglement in continuous Hilbert spaces

Our work on weak quantum measurement makes predictions about the random nature of continuous measurements made over some time period, and theory and experiment explore how these measurements are useful for the purposes of processing quantum information.

We are developing methods for modeling and measuring partially coherent and partially polarized fields, as well as the tailoring of fields with different coherence or polarization properties for measurement purposes. The theory of partial coherence, and the description of partially coherent wave fields in radiometric terms is part of our work as is unconventional imaging, phase retrieval, wavefront sensing, and image reconstruction and restoration.

These techniques are applied to passive and active optical imaging systems, synthetic-aperture radar, biomedical imaging modalities image reconstruction and restoration, wavefront sensing, lensless coherent imaging, phase retrieval, phase-error correction, sparse-aperture and segmented-aperture optical systems, Fourier transform spectroscopy, statistical decision and estimation theory, ray-based methods for wave propagation are part of our work.