Faculty & Staff

Bautista, Stefanie

  • Visiting Assistant Professor
Peter Christensen

Christensen, Peter

  • (on leave for academic year 2021-22)
    Associate Professor of Art History


Interests: 19th and 20th century architectural history, particularly Europe and North America’s international engagement with the Islamic world; history and aesthetics of infrastructure and industry; historicism; cartography and architecture; critical digital humanities

Elizabeth Colantoni

Colantoni, Elizabeth

  • Associate Professor of Classics


Interests: Roman, Italic, and Etruscan Art and Archaeology; Roman religion; early Rome

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Frontz, Stephanie

  • Art Librarian and Head of the Art/Music Library
Nicholas Gresens

Gresens, Nicholas

  • Associate Professor of Instruction, Classics

Interests: Latin and Greek Language; Imperial Greek Prose; Ancient Geography, Topography, and Historiograpy

Michael Jarvis Headshot

Jarvis, Michael J.

  • Associate Professor of History
  • Director of the Digital Elmina Project; Director of Smiths Island Archaeology Project


Interests: Museum Studies; Atlantic History 1450-1850 (Transnational); Material Culture and Archaeology (Transnational); Digital History

John Lambropoulos

Lambropoulos, John

  • Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Materials Science
    Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics
    Materials Science Graduate Recruiting Committee

Interests: Micromechanics; Mechanics & Materials Issues in Optics Manufacturing; Defect Generation During Crystal Growth

Renato Perucchio

Perucchio, Renato

  • Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering
    Program Director, Archaeology, Technology, and Historical Structures

Interests: Computational solid and structural mechanics; Engineering practices in Classical Antiquity

Nora Rubel

Rubel, Nora

  • Jane and Alan Batkin Professor of Jewish Studies
  • Chair, Department of Religion and Classics

Interests: American Religion; Race and Ethnicity; Religion and Foodways

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Saab, A. Joan

  • Professor of Art History and Visual and Cultural Studies
  • Vice Provost of Academic Affairs

Interests: Twentieth-century American cultural history; media and culture; urban and community studies; popular culture; cultural studies; aesthetic categories and values

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Sherwood, Jennifer

  • Associate Director, Multidisciplinary Studies Center
Laura Ackerman Smoller Headshot

Smoller, Laura Ackerman

  • Professor of History
  • Department Chair

Interests: Medieval and Renaissance Europe; Medieval Christianity; Early Science and Medicine; History of Astrology and Prophecy