When you’re accepted into the program, you are assigned an archaeology, technology, and historical structures (ATHS) faculty advisor. Your advisor is chosen based on your interests and the choice is made in consultation with the program director.

Overlap Policy

No more than three courses in the major (two courses in the minor) may overlap with a separate major or minor.

Rochester Curriculum Divisional Requirement

Because of its interdisciplinary nature, ATHS can be designed to meet the requirements of any one of the three academic divisions (humanities, social sciences, or natural sciences/engineering). You can tailor the ATHS major to a specific academic division by selecting at least six ATHS courses from the same division. The ATHS minor needs four ATHS courses from the same division.

The decision to assign the major to a specific division is made at the time the student is admitted into the major.

Transfer Courses

The program allows for three transfer courses (12 credits in total) to be applied toward the major, but transfer courses cannot be used to satisfy the foundation courses requirement. Transfer courses must be approved by the program director.