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Fellowships Office

Updated Udall Scholarship Campus Timeline

Udall Scholarship 

2018-19 UR Campus Nomination Timeline

Please be advised that before we nominate you or endorse your candidacy for a fellowship competition, we will perform a conduct and academic honesty check to confirm that you are in good disciplinary and academic standing.

November 26, 2018: 
Fellowships Preliminary Questionnaire (FPQ) due. Questionnaire is required to be considered for nomination and must be submitted before the first draft of the Udall online application.

January 8, 2019:  Draft application and essay due for initial review.
 Submit application online; send essay by email to After submission, call 585-276-5869 to make an appointment with the Fellowships Office.

February 4, 2019, 4pm EST: Revised draft of complete Udall application and all three recommendations due for campus committee review process. 

*Recommendation letter files should be named according to this format:

Student Last Name_Fellowship Name Rec_Recommender Last Name (e.g., Smith_Fulbright Rec_Jones)

Be sure to provide referees with Udall Scholarship Program overview and selection criteria. Reference letters should be submitted on letterhead with a current date and signature (pdf is preferred).

Udall Campus Nomination Committee meets to select nominees.


March 5, 2019, 12pm EST:  Complete, final, revised Udall Scholarship application and final recommendation letters due for nominees.

*** Prospective candidates may come to the Fellowships Office to review the collection of research essays submitted by previous UR Udall Scholarship nominees & winners. ***