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Truman Campus Nomination Timeline

Below is the 2020-21 campus schedule for the Truman Scholarship.;

(This is a junior-year competition for a fellowship to support future graduate study in various fields in preparation for public-service oriented careers.)

September 4: Both the Prospective Applicant Form and the Fellowships Preliminary Questionnaire (FPQ) are due. The questionnaire is required to be considered for nomination and must be submitted before the first draft of the Truman online application. After submission of the FPQ, students should schedule a meeting with the Fellowships Office.

November 9: Truman draft application and policy proposal due for initial review; submit via Truman online application manager. After submission, email the Fellowships Office to schedule a consultation to take place within one week of submission

November 23, 4 p.m. EST: Revised draft of complete Truman application and all three recommendation letters* uploaded online for campus committee review process.

*Reference letters should be submitted on letterhead with a current date (.pdf is preferred). The PDF should use the following naming structure: Student Last Name_Truman Rec_Last Name of Recommender. Be sure to provide referees with Truman Scholarship Program overview and sample referee form for the specific kind of recommendation being prepared, e.g., intellect, public service career commitment, or leadership potential and abilities.

Early December: Truman Campus Nominating Committee meets to interview candidates and select nominee(s). Interviews may occur via Skype for students not in Rochester only.

Schedule for Nominees

Nominees must schedule a meeting in December with the Fellowships Office to discuss committee feedback and final revisions.

January 27, 2 p.m. EST: Complete, final, revised Truman Scholarship online application and recommendation letters due for nominees.