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Best Practices

Tracking and Performance

Each department website should provide some means of tracking visits to the site. The recommended method for collecting user and visit information is Google Analytics. There is a main University account that can be added to each site, and then a separate report for that site can be provided.


All University department websites should meet basic accessibility guidelines for users with disabilities. Test your sites against a validator like WAVE to identify any accessibility problems that need fixing.


The standard Arts, Sciences and Engineering template is available for all academic and administrative departments within AS&E. We also have a template available for faculty lab sites and research centers.


For guidelines on how to apply the approved versions of the University’s logo, visit:

Remember, the logo is not synonymous with a header or headline. It does not need to be—and on department sites, probably should not be—the biggest, most prominent element on the site. For example, it is often appropriate to use the logo in a footer, or as a secondary element in a header.