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Maximize Your Experience

You can get the most out of your internships by approaching it as you would a full-time job. 

Tips for making the most of your internship experience:

1.  Develop goals for your internship. Consider what you hope to learn and what skills you'd like to build throughout your experience. Be open to new experiences outside of your goals. 

2.  Clarify policies and expectations. Prior to beginning your internship or during the first week of your role, ask your supervisor and/or colleagues about policies and procedures such as dress code, break or lunch schedules, email and voicemail etiquette, and other protocols.  

3.  Be part of the team. Build relationships with your coworkers and treat each member of your team, regardless of titles or position, with respect and professionalism. Take the time to learn about other divisions or departments and learn how they work together to meet the goals of the organization.

4. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Discuss your projects and ideas with your supervisor regularly to better understand your role as an intern. Clarify assignments and ask for help when needed.   

5. Establish rapport with your supervisor. Clarify expectations with your supervisor and establish a meeting schedule. Come prepared for your supervisory meetings by keeping track of your projects and accomplishments. Continuously ask for feedback to assess your progress and clarify your goals for the internship.

6. Expand your professional network. Discuss professional associations affiliated with your field/industry with your coworkers and supervisor to continue expanding your network and knowledge within the field. Use the University of Rochester Alumni LinkedIn Group during your internship to connect with alumni who are working in the same field, city, or organization. 

7. Reflect on your internship. As you complete your internship, reflect and assess what you learned about yourself including your abilities, skills, interests, and values. Consider how the skills you gained and your experience contribute your future career goals. You may want to request a letter of recommendation and/or a LinkedIn recommendation. Also, schedule an appointment with a career advisor to update your resume with your latest internship and discuss the experience.