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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a certain class year to get an internship?

Not necessarily, but there are restrictions on first-year students receiving credit for an internship experience.

Can international students participate in internships?

International students are encouraged to participate in internships as part of their American educational experience. Students should meet with the International Services Office (ISO) to determine their individual internship eligibility. The Gwen M. Greene Center is also available to assist you in searching for internship opportunities, receiving academic credit, and navigating the internship process.

Under no circumstances should an international student begin an internship without consulting with the ISO, as receiving compensation for an internship without the appropriate authorization can risk your immigration status.

Do I have to get academic credit for an internship?

No, there is no requirement to receive academic credit. However, working with a faculty member to receive academic credit for your internship will encourage you to reflect on your experience and make connections to your coursework and career interests.

We encourage you to explore all of your options in the academic credit section of this website. You can also meet with your academic advisor or a Career and Internship Center advisor to discuss your options.

Can I receive credit and pay for the same experience?

Yes. Internship compensation is given by the employer for your work in their organization. Academic credit is conferred for your academic work beyond the internship, and is negotiated with your instructor. This may include reflective journals, research, papers, or projects beyond your internship duties.

What are the other ways I can get experience?

Student employment, undergraduate research, community engaged learning, student activities and leadership, education abroad, fellowship programs, entrepreneurship, and many other endeavors can help you gain experience and develop important career competencies!

Do you have a list of internships that University students have done in the past?

Many academic departments do have lists of organizations their students have interned with in the past. In addition to this, we encourage University students to reach out to employers of interest to them, discuss their internship learning objectives, and identify applicable experiences. Meet with a Career and Internship Center advisor to discuss researching employers, preparing your applications, and determining what you want to get out of your internship.

Can I do an internship in another country?

In many cases, yes. The University of Rochester’s Center for Education Abroad works with several international internship providers to help you explore these options. Additionally, as long as your internship complies with local government regulations, independent internships are possible.