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Holiday Drive for Two Community Organizations

The Department of Public Safety (DPS) is hosting a Holiday Giving initiative this month to benefit the Bivona Child Advocacy Center and the Rochester International Academy.

“We decided to add the Rochester International Academy to our efforts after our department learned that the school had to shelve field trip plans because many of the students do not own winter boots,” said DPS Major Cindy Coates. The Rochester City School District school educates English-language learning students from war-torn countries.

The Bivona Child Advocacy Center supports child abuse response, healing, and prevention through collaborative service, awareness, education, and leadership.

“Both are great organizations that could use our help,” Coates said.

DPS is seeking donations of new children’s toys, child to young-adult size winter clothing, and winter boots to benefit the children and families who receive services at these two organizations.

For this year’s Holiday Giving initiative, DPS has partnered with the Susan B. Anthony Center, Golisano Children’s Hospital, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Eastman School of Music, and the Larry and Cindy Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center.

Donations will be received until December 20 at the following partner locations:

  • DPS Headquarters, 612 Wilson Blvd. – Main Entrance
  • Meliora Hall – Room #346 – Susan B. Anthony Center
  • DPS Medical Center Crime Prevention Office – G-6009
  • Golisano Children’s Hospital – First-Floor Lobby
  • Laboratory for Laser Energetics – Main Entrance
  • Larry and Cindy Bloch Alumni and Advancement Center – Main Entrance
  • Eastman Commons Building – Main Entrance

As a part of an ongoing effort to provide charitable support to those in need and bring further awareness to these types of organizations, DPS hosts similar initiatives throughout the year in partnership with other departments at the University.

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