Three Percent #16: There's a Book Version of That

Following on last week’s fall books preview, this podcast is centered around movies coming out over the next few months, in particular, movies based on books. Tom does most all of the recommending, since he’s a much bigger movie buff than I am, and his list includes movies that he’s really excited about (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and ones you might want to avoid:

(Click here for the NSFW movie poster.)

Sometime we’ll have to revisit this topic, but look at the best/worst movies based on books of all time. (My vote for worst: Fight Club.) In the meantime, please email me at chad.post [at] rochester.edu with your recommendations, comments, disputes, rants, etc.

Also, it’s worth noting that this was recorded before the Cardinals fell apart in the 9th inning last night. My belief in the Cardinals Miracle is waning . . .

And this week’s music is Hollywood Ending by Hayden.

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