Two Month Review: #5.02: FOX by Ugresic (“A Story about How Stories Come to Be Written”)

This week’s podcast is pretty fast and loose, with Fortnite disruptions, embarrassing pronunciations, lots of ribbing, and a deep dive into the various games going on in Part I of Dubravka Ugresic’s Fox, “A Story about How Stories Come to Be Written.” Starting from Pilnyak’s story of the same name, this section revolves around the idea of how real life events are transformed into stories, why certain stories “feel” believable, and the way certain stories are lauded and others dismissed. It’s a great starting point for the book, and all the silliness aside, Tom, Chad, and Brian do pull a lot of interesting ideas out of this section.

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There are two bits of music on this episode–the first is “What Does the Fox Say?,” which was Tom’s “brilliant” suggestion. The outro music is more Michael J. Fox gold, this time from The Secret of My Success. 

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