Two Month Review #6.2: The Book of Disquiet (sections 1-39)

This is one of the most Two Month Review podcasts yet. Chad, Brian, and Tom Flynn (Volumes Books in Chicago) come together to discuss the first forty-six pages (sections 1-39) of the complete version of Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet. In addition to breaking down the philosophy and literary style representing Vicente Guedes–Pessoa’s heteronym for this section of the book–they swap favorite lines, invent a new Instagram idea for Chad, link up Pessoa with emo bands, and try and tackle the difficulty of reading this book sequentially versus dipping in and out.

As always, you can find the video for this episode on our YouTube channel, where we livestream the episodes every Wednesday morning. Next week we’ll be covering pages 47-94 (sections 40-81) with special guest Jerónimo Pizarro, the mastermind behind this particular edition of The Book of Disquiet.

Feel free to comment on this episode—or on the book in general—either on this post, or at the official GoodReads Group.

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This season’s opening music is “E Às Vezes Dou Por Mim” by contemporary fado star Cristina Branco. And, in keeping with the theme from last season, we’ll be featuring a different emo rock song every episode for the outro music. Today it’s Kaija Straumanis’s favorite Dashboard Confessional song.

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