TMR 8.02: CoDex 1962 (Pages 1-57)

This is a special episode of the Two Month Review featuring Chad’s “World Literature & Translation” class, who read CoDex 1962 (and ten other contemporary works in translation) this semester. They talk with Chad and Brian about interpretation and translation, how they judge whether a translation is good or bad, Werner Herzog and Lars von Trier, the structure of the narration in the first section of CoDex 1962, British punctuation, Chad’s no-longer-so-secret project, Delino Deshields, and more.

As always, you can watch these episodes live on our YouTube channel the day before they’re released in podcast form.

The next episode will focus on pages 58-109 (chapters 7-11 of “Thine Eyes Did See My Substance: A Love Story”). The complete schedule can be found here.

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