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    The Charles and Janet Forbes ’40 Entrepreneurial Competition encourages current, full-time undergraduate engineering students to consider the commercial potential of topics or processes they are studying.

    Students, individually or in teams, compete by submitting a business plan for a manufacturing or technical business (usually based on their senior design projects). Participants may consult with mentors or experienced entrepreneurs (such as the Ain Center’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence) while preparing their proposals. Not to exceed five pages, the business plan format is open, though it must include:

    - Roles of each team member
    - An executive summary of the company
    - An estimation of commercial applicability and market size

    A small number of applicants are invited to make oral presentations to a judging panel. These presentations to the committee, each about ten minutes long, will take place on campus in early May. Award winners are selected the same day. Prize money of over $1,000 has been awarded for outstanding projects.

    Please contact Heidi Mergenthaler by email ( or phone (585-273-3961) with any application questions.
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Contact Heidi Mergenthaler, Program Manager.