Learn about the entrepreneurial mindset, key innovation terms, and hear stories from UR founders.

What’s Square One? It’s a series of videos designed to help you learn about the basics in entrepreneurship and what it takes to become an entrepreneur. The set includes:

  • Intro to the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Descriptions of key terms
  • Networking overview
  • Interviews with UR founders

After watching the videos, learn more by checking out the Recommended Resources and Entrepreneurial Toolbox, linked to the right.

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Entrepreneurship Basics from UR Founders

Anthony Testa '93

Managing Director, Marginomics LLC

David Mammano

Faculty, University of Rochester; Podcast Host, The Gonzo Experience

Sharfuz Shifat '19

Associate Analyst, Hitachi Vantara

UR Founder Story

Craig Dubitsky '87

Founder, hello products; Chief Innovation Strategist, Colgate-Palmolive

Fernanda Sesto

Fernanda Sesto '23

Student Entrepreneur

UR Founder Story

Sharon Samjitsingh '13MS

Co-Founder, HealthCare Originals

Cate Rubin-Tennies

Cate Rubin-Tennies '22S

Student Entrepreneur

UR Founder Story

Anik Agrawal '14MS

Co-Founder, BurnCal

Michael G.

Michael Giardino '23

Student Entrepreneur

UR Founder Story

Francis Pellegrino '22

Founder, Advanced Growing Resources (AGR)

Theo Mambu '20MS

Student Entrepreneur

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