Collecting Data and Connecting University Entrepreneurship Centers

2017 University Entrepreneurship Survey: An Excerpt from the Executive Summary

Entrepreneurs are frequently warned: do not try to accomplish greatness all by yourself. Find a team of people who know things you do not and work together to create something impactful. As we continue to grow, adapt, and plan for the future, we want to contribute to the understanding among entrepreneurship centers worldwide. To do so, we have compiled survey responses, a data write-up, and a special highlight on advisory councils; each aspect is crafted to help us learn more about how to best function as an entrepreneurship center, as well as how we fit into the broader scheme of entrepreneurial ecosystems.

The range of responses we have received is vast; there are results from schools within the United States, international institutions, small private colleges, and large public research universities. Collectively, entrepreneurship centers seem to be a hub for innovative thinking and connecting individuals throughout the community they serve. Perhaps the greatest lesson learned, however, is the willingness to talk amongst other universities, providing resources and networks in the pursuit of learning about other centers.

We hope this survey becomes a mainstay in the entrepreneurship education sphere, allowing individual programs to contribute to a larger knowledge-sharing platform.